Razer Blackwidow 2014 Driver, Software Download For Mac and Windows 10

Razer Blackwidow 2014Driver, Software Download For Mac and Windows 10, 8, 7 –The Razer Blackwidow 2014 looks similar to its predecessor, The mechanical keyboard has the very same dimensions as well as weight– 1.18 by 18.7 by 6.7 inches (HWD) and also 3.3 pounds. Set the new BlackWidow Ultimate next to the previous version, and also you will not have the ability to tell them apart. The layout is additionally the very same, with a full QWERTY keyboard as well as a 10-key numerical pad, together with five specialized macro keys on the left and a row of function keys along the top that additionally offer media controls as well as buttons for taping macros and also changing right into video game setting.

Razer Blackwidow 2014 Driver
Razer Blackwidow 2014

Unlike other recent gaming keyboards, the Razer Blackwidow 2014 has no wrist remainder to speak of, either built-in, as seen on the Roccat Ryos MK Pro, or removable, as seen on the Corsair Revenge K90. The keyboard attaches using a 6-foot braided USB Y-cable that likewise has audio links to allow built-in pass-through for audio and also USB 2.0. While the last iteration had audio securing issues that caused recognizable static over headphones, there were no such issues during screening for the new version.

There’s essential private backlighting, with a verdant green radiance behind every secret, and stylized blocky font style labeling for the letters and numbers. The key has an active anti-smudge surface, but the matte coating on the body of the keyboard seems to reveal every fingerprint and smudge of grease, which can get undesirable, considering your hands will invest hours in straight contact with the keyboard. The right-hand man side of the Razer Blackwidow 2014 keyboard has a USB 2.0 (however it is not 3.0) as well as a microphone/audio jack extension. Ou would need 2 USB port free for expansions for audio/microphone and USB2.0. The USB wire is highly protected from accidentally harmed. The environment-friendly logo stands out if you operate at night. On the leaflet, it claims, there is no reversing. I think that holds. I will certainly not return to regular keyboards once more.

Razer Blackwidow 2014 Driver and Software Download For Manual

Os CompatibleDriver Download

OS Support For Windows:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS
File NameFile Download
Razer Synapse Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7
 Razer Synapse Mac OS X 10.9 – 10.14
Razer Blackwidow 2014Master Guide

Razer Blackwidow 2014 Driver

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